Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ribbon Dying Basics....Picture Turiorial COMING SOON!

Hey there Stampers, Scrappers, Wrappers,

Have you ever found that you're in a jam....don't have the right colored ribbon for that finishing touch on the perfect card, gift or page? Are you old enough to remember dying your satin white shoes for that perfect match to the Neon Pink frilled bridesmaid dress that your best friend or cousin made you wear.

Well ribbon dying is the same concept...only it can be done in the privacy of your own home in just seconds.

What you'll need to start:

Your choice of White Ribbon, or a very light color that you have on hand.
You Color choice of a Stampin Up! Classic Ink Pad
A wedge of sponge
A scrap piece of paper
A drying mat

1. Start with opening your Classic Ink Pad and lay your piece of ribbon down on top of the ink pad.

2. Hold on to one end of the Ribbon, then gently press down on the ribbon with the sponge while pulling it across the pad.

3. Then with a scrap folded piece of Scrap Card Stock ( you'll want to use CS or else you'll get all "Dirty" and have Inky Fingers!) Place the side that's already been dyed in between the folded CS and repeat the process on the uninked side of the ribbon.

4. Place it on a safe mat or grid paper to dry for about 1 hour or overnight if possible. Test before working with it so that it does not smudge onto your masterpiece of artwork. You may be able to start working with it sooner.

Check back soon for a Step by Step Picture tutorial on this Basic Ribbon Dying and also Polka-Dot Ribbons....coming soon!

Thanks for Stoping by ;o)

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Mini Clear Envelope Album for Stampin Up's! 2008 20 Year Convention!!

Here is a picture of an Album that I made for a swap that I'm in on Split Coast Stampers! It's going to Stampin Up's! 20 year Convetion in Salt Lake City this next week!!

I won't be there but I'll try to share some of the projects that I get back from this swap. Also for the rest of my unit that could not go to the BIG Show this year. We are hosting our own 1st ever Non-Convention Convention.

It's going to be a Blast!! I can't wait to come back and share with you everything that I've learned and make. I'll be back later this week with copies of my trade for our Little "Big" Event!!


Hello again Blog world,

It's been forever and 1 year since my last post! I thought that blogging would come easy to someone that loves to chat. It does take a lot of disipline....which I lack! LOL

I wanted to try and start back up for myself, my family, my friends and wonderful Stampin Up! Customers. I just won't set my bar too hight this time. I'm going to start off small. Hopefully I'll be able to inspire someone out there! I'll try to post a new technique each week as well as a challenge. Also what ever creations that I've made that week. So I'd better get down loading some pictures....ya'll come back now ya hear. Kinda corny...but that's just me.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Swappin Fool

Hello fellow stampers,

I started this blog with the intent of posting all of my hard stamped work and to have a place to put my thoughts down, but I've been a swappin fool the past month. I've signed up for about 18 swaps!! So I've not had the time to Blog!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello to all fellow bloggers and to just keep active here. I will get some photos's posted hopefully by next week.

I'm Hosting a Wow Card Swap....so just as soon as I'm done with my String Spinner Cards I'll post them along with directions!! Check back soon! Keep on Stampin!! Inky Smiles!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gallery Coming Soon!!

Okay Here goes....
something??? If not I'll come back later for some more tinkering around.

I created this card late last night for a Monthly Card Swap that I joined on SCS. This months Theme was Children's Birthday Cards. The First color that came to mind for a child's b-day card was YoYo Yellow!! Don't you just love how Happy YoYo Yellow is! Everyone is always saying that how they just don't just this color very much. But I think this card turned out pretty darned cute!!?? I wanted to keep the water coloring very basic. I like the simplicity of the Black and White look with the slight coloring with these Bold Bright Favorites! Well now it's your turn to tell me what you think. Be Honest. This is my first post. I need the cold hard crutial honesty.....it is after all the best policy!

Gate Fold Birthday Zoofari Card
Stamps: Zoofari, Hugs & Wishes, All About Birthdays Jumbo Wheel ( Level 3 Hostess)
Paper: YoYo Yellow, Tempting Turquoise, & Whisper White
Ink: Classic Pads in Basic Black, Real Red, YoYo Yellow, & Tempting Turquoise
Accessories: Jumbo Handle, Blender Pens, Silver Brads, Black and Red Gingham, Tempting Turquoise Grosgrain, 1/16" Circle, 3/16" Corner Rounder, and Double Rectangle Punches

Stamp Technique: Basic Water Color Blender Pens w/Classic Ink Pad
Card Technique: Gate Fold Card. Start with 8 1/2" x 11" Card Stock. Cut to 4 1/4" x 11". Score at 2 1/4" at both ends. Top layer is double mounted using 4" x 3" base and a 3 3/4 x 2 3/4" for the top layer in Whisper White. Stamp and Embellish as you wish. To create a Gate Like Card!!! Too cute for words don't you think!!

I created this card last night for a Monthly Card Swap that I joined on SCS. This months Theme was Children's Birthdays. The first color that came to mind for a child's b-day card was YoYo Yellow! Don't you just love how Happy YoYou Yellow is! Everyone is always saying that they don't use this color much. But I think this card turned out pretty darned cute!!?? I wanted to keep the water coloring very basic. I like the simplicity of the Black and White look with the slight coloring. Tell me what you think. Be honest. This is my first post. I need crutial Honesty....it's the best policy after all!

So I guess I managed to get my blog up and working. (check)
Got it Linked to SCS (check)
Took Pictures of some of my favorite new cards I've made (check)

Now I will be working on getting these picture up and posted for sharing, viewing, commenting, a good laugh....etc etc LOL

PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN SOON FOR A VISIT and MORE UPDATES on CARDS, Projects, Up Coming EVENTS and my very own place to babble to my little hearts content!! ahhh how sweet it is!!!

Very Inky Smiles today!
Hello Blog World. This is my very first blog ever. I guess it's finally time that I get with the times. So good morninng. This will be short as I did not get any sleep last night. I was up all night creating and finishing a swap that I almost forgot about for SCS!! Yikes.

I made it and they are going out today. I will hopefully figure out how to get a picture of it posted here. Give me some time...I am pretty computer savey....Only have been struggling with some of the new stuff. Well I should say "new to me" From the blogs I've seen, this has been going on for some time now. I don't know where I've been??

"But I"m here now" quote from Vivian ~ Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ~